Helping organizations move away from needless plastic waste

The days of throw-away take-out containers are behind us and new innovative food service solutions that are earth friendly and financially advantageous are here. CircularWare consulting was founded to bring zero waste systems and product solutions to corporate campuses, government office buildings and universities, to develop custom reusable containers and circular service solutions to eliminate single-use cafeteria waste.

“By guiding these organizations through a discovery process and quantitatively assessing the cradle-to-grave financial costs of existing single-use systems, we believe we can dramatically elevate dining experiences for both people and our planet. Whether you are embarking on a discovery process to determine viability of launching a zero waste system or ready to design and manufacture a custom container, CircularWare is ready to consult with your organization to find a win, win, win for people, planet and pocketbook.”

– Sandra Ann Harris
Founder and CEO of ECOlunchbox

Author of Say Goodbye To Plastic: A Survival Guide For Plastic-Free Living